The Life And Time Of Engr. S. Adio Goriola

We thank God our Father through His only begotten Son Jesus Christ, for His mercy, grace and goodness; as we rejoice in the salvation of our father Engr. S. A. Goriola who now dwells with Lord God in eternal Life.

Engr. S. Adio Goriola was born on the 22nd, March 1936 to Engr. Shittu Mokeye Goriola and Madam Adihat at 34, Willougby Street Ebute-Metta, Lagos. He grew up in a large household called "Agboole GORIOLA" with many relatives and friends like Ret. Capt. Akinsola, Mr. Fashola, and Mr. Isreal as childhood friends.

He enjoyed his childhood in Willougby Street of those days in Ebute-meta a tough neighbourhood but it was also a safe community where everyone was their brother's keeper. A neighbourhood in those days where any bad behavior by any child in that community never goes unpunished by any adult - it does not matter whether the adult was related to you or not, as a matter of fact, you would have to pray that your misbehavior is not reported to your parents, that will earn you another round of punishment and that would be double jeopardy for you.

Engr. S. Adio Goriola started his infant class at Christ Church (U.N.A) School, Ebute-Metta, in 1946 and primary School at Yaba Model School Surulere, Lagos, in 1956. He passed the entrance exam to Yaba Technical College, to study Electrical/Electronics. In 1961 he joined his father, late Engr. Mokeye at Cappa & D'Alberto Nig. Ltd as a technician. He worked in various departments till 1964 when he was promoted and transferred to G-Cappa Nig. Plc. as one of their best engineers. He worked on different projects in almost every part of the country - hence G-CAPPA was one of the leading construction companies of those days in Nigeria.

In January 4th 1964 he got married to Ayinke and they were blessed with many children, and also raised children of relatives who have become great in the society today. He left G-CAPPA to set up his own engineering company: "Allied Electrical Nig. LTD", and also owned "Electrical Mechanical Commercial Nigeria Limited", He did a lot of engineering projects in Lagos and the surrounding area.

In 1967 he met with Mr H.F Knoob and Mr. Bettella, C.E.O, and Director of ASCO Nig. Ltd. He was then appointed as their main electrical contractor, He did a lot of electrical projects in Lagos metropolis such as USIS, UTC NIG LTD, University of Lagos, Federal Palace Hotel, Niger Palace Hotel, Apapa Boat Club, Eko Holiday INN, RT Brisco Plc, Excelsior Hotel Apapa, Johnson Nig. Plc. Matori, and Raiss & Co, Nigeria Cleaning Service, to name a few.

He enjoyed his working years and very grateful to God for the privilege to impact skills and influenced the lives that came across him positively. All of his staff members were all like part of his family. He retired in 2003.

Engr. S. Adio Goriola was highly favoured, because the Lord kept him till he was able to realize that he is missing his salvation through Christ and, when the opportunity to give his life to Jesus Christ came, he gratefully took it, and became a born again Christian.

In September 24th 1999 on his beloved wife's 55th birthday celebration, was a day to remember. It was the day he gave his life to Jesus Christ. After listening to a sermon on "Faith Towards God" given by his son Pastor Olawale Goriola, who is now the Senior Pastor of His Presence's Love Ministry, Dallas Texas USA and the Founding President of Bliss & Fire Network International, right in his living room in Lagos. Engr. S. Adio Goriola stood up and called out to his son "Doctor (which was his son's nick name), I want to give my Life to Jesus". It's was a long prayer for miracle. His son was overwhelmed. He could not believe what was happening. He then took him to Apostle John Afolayan who then ministered Salvation to him. He made his confession of Jesus Christ as his savior on the 25th day of September 1999. That was when his new path started.

Since then he has been faithful to the saving Faith of Jesus Christ. He supported the work of the Gospel and loved to minister to people around him. He was a blessing to his generation, and loved to give all he had to bless others even when it was not comfortable for him and his family. He will be most remembered by his family as a disciplinarian, no nonsense and courageous father, who believed in obedience and trust. As one who built his wealth on hard work, trust and Justice at all cost.

He has lived a Life fulfilled in Christ Jesus.

We love you and we shall see in eternity,

S.A Goriola's Family


Daddy's life was a Story of Kindness and Hard work

He was disciplinarian, no nonsense and courageous father, who believed in obedience and trust. As one who built his wealth on hard work, trust and Justice at all cost.


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